Commercial – Catch Basins

What Are Catch Basins

catch-basin3Catch basins are intended to hold leaves, debris, and other solid materials that find their way to streets and sidewalks. Several catch basins are placed on any given street, typically by curbs. Catch basins work to keep foreign materials out of the water supply and reduce overflow during periods of heavy rain.

Catch basins can be found pretty much anywhere in a city or town. City employees typically maintain basins in residential areas. The cost is part of a homeowner’s water bill.

Business owners, however, are responsible for ensuring that the catch basin located on their property is properly maintained. A neglected or clogged catch basin can cause water and debris to flood onto the streets. This can create health and safety hazards for pedestrians, businesses, and motorists.

catch-basin-cloggedCatch Basin Cleaning

Steel grates keep large foreign objects from entering catch basins. However, smaller materials like food wrappers, plastic grocery bags, fallen leaves, and other common litter are washed into the catch basin by rain or water runoff. Over time, this material accumulates and clogs the catch basin.

Your Works Plumbing technician is equipped with the experience and tools needed to quickly clean a clogged catch basin without impacting your business and causing downtime. The use of a high-pressure VAC truck and hydro-jetting tools can quickly remove sediment from the bottom and along the walls of your catch basin.

Catch-Basin2Maintaining Your Catch Basin

Work with your employees to minimize the amount of litter and material that enters the basin after your catch basin has been cleaned. Clean litter outside of retail stores and restaurants from careless patrons daily as well as the grate on your drain. We can set up a maintenance schedule to protect your catch basin that fits the needs of your property.