Sewer Inspection

Works Plumbing can use cameras to inspect your sewer system and pipes.
With professional inspection camera technology, a video picture is transmitted to a control module, where a recorder captures a permanent record. video-screen-shotThe camera can fit into 1 1/2″ – 24″ lines, allowing for detailed troubleshooting of interior & exterior sewer lines.

Video inspection verifies there are no breaks or defects in a pipe, which could cause major problems later. A small transmitter can show from above exactly where the defect is so that there can be precision excavation exactly where the problem is.

Televising allows the technician to locate blockage within the drain and focus cleaning energy on the section of pipe that is plugged up. The video recording also gives homeowners proof for insurance claims.

You can count on Works Plumbing for a professional camera inspection of your sewer system.