Residential – Whole House Repiping

Replace All The Old Pipes In Your Home

With many years of experience working in homes throughout southern Wisconsin, Works Plumbing has the knowledge and experience needed to repipe your home quickly and safely.

We can provide you with all the options and help you identify the pipe that’s right for your home. There are three different types of pipe currently in use for supplying water to fixtures: Copper, CPVC & PEX.

What do you mean, repipe my whole house?

Repiping or replumbing, as it is sometimes called, a home is just what it sounds like. You take out all the old water pipes and put brand new ones back in their place.

PEX  Plumbing Systems

PEX tubing (Crosslinked Polyethylene)  is widely used in water supply systems due to its advantages over the more traditional copper tubing. It has been used successfully in Europe for nearly forty years and has been in use in the United States since around 1980.

PEX works for both cold and hot water lines. It is available in red that can be used to indicate hot water and blue for the cold side. This is not necessary, it is just for convenience. It is also available in standard white. Another advantage of using PEX is the fact that water flows very quietly through the tubing.

Works Plumbing can provide a professionally installed PEX plumbing system in your project at a very reasonable cost. Call Works Plumbing to discuss the possibility of using PEX in your home today.

What you can expect from Works Plumbing

The first crucial step in repiping of a residential or commercial property is an extensive inspection. This will not only ensure the speedy completion of the work but even the extent of the job. Sometimes even a simple pipe repair may get you the desired results. Sometimes all outdated materials such as cast iron pipes and lead pipes may have to be removed, so a more invasive pipe replacement may be needed.

A complete repiping of the entire plumbing system in the residential dwelling will include potable water, domestic piping, and wastewater piping. New cold and hot water distribution or branch and main pipes may also be included.